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SMT III demon reviews

SMT III is one of my favourite games! I wanted to review every demon design that appears in it. (Now that SMT V is out, I might go back and add the new demons from that. I wasn't really a fan of the new designs in IV.)

Flags of the world

National flags rated by graphic design.

Poos in videogames

I like games, and poos are funny. Here's a look at their Venn overlap.

Top ten worms

They's good worms.

Ongoing sagas

Shit my mum says

Yes she does.

Stuff I've overheard at work


More words

50 ways to lose your leggy

Paul Simon listed only 5 of the promised 50 ways to leave your lover. If you're going to write a list song, do it properly.

London facts

Some remarkable facts about the capital for your education.

Dirty portals

A cautionary tale about putting your dick in things.


Some cute little poems suitable for telling to a granny or a vicar.

How to change the case on a computer

A useful guide to an important activity.

Valentines poems

Some lovely poems for your sweetheart.

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