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May I design my own ontos/agrilthean/rathameldhontel/cromnar?

I have another Clashcradyne-related question.


May I use your art?

May I repost your art on Tumblr/Twitter?

May I remix/edit/redraw your art?

Do you do requests?

Do you do art trades?

Do you do commissions?

May I draw gift art/fan art of your characters?

May I draw our characters interacting?

May I ship our characters together?

I spotted something a bit off. May I redline it?

Will you redline my work?

The artist

What can I call you?

What are your pronouns?

Do you IM?

Do you RP?

Why do you like demons so much?

Are you a furry?

Banned sites

You are not permitted to upload or use my work on any site or platform: