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Terms of use

Clashcradyne is not an open-source project - it's my paracosm and it's very important to me! However, I don't mind other people creating characters within the setting, or using it as inspiration for their own projects.

For the purposes of brevity, the word 'clashcrad' in the following text is shorthand for "ontos, agrilthean, rathameldhontel or cromnar".

You may design your own clashcrad, or make a clashcrad version of your existing character.

You may make a half-clashcrad, half something else character.

You may make a clashcrad to pair with an existing character of yours, and design their offspring.

You may make clashcrad adoptables/custom designs to sell or trade. You must make it clear to potential buyers that they can design a clashcrad by themselves for free, and that I am the creator of the species.

You may not stop your adoptable/custom buyers from reselling the design, nor stop them from selling it for more than they bought it.

Rarity isn't restricted; if you want to design a clashcrad that only has super-rare features for its species, you may.

You may design sub-species of clashcrad species. You may not impose further restrictions on their use than what is on this page.

You can create a human character in the Clashcradyne setting who's a demon-hunter. Not all humans in Clashcradyne tolerate demons!

You are free to deviate from the species/world guidelines, but I'm also free to declare your design non-canon within the Clashcradyne setting if I feel it's no longer within the spirit of it.

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