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Fusion: When two demons are too dissimilar to reproduce normally (such as Varin and Krog), the only way they can have a child is to create one by fusing their magical essences, sacrificing a part of their powers in the process. The child will probably be a messed up abomination, but will most resemble whichever of its parents laid its egg.

Examples: Murgatranthes (Ontos/agrilthean fusion)

Summoner: Humans who summon demons for fun and profit. Many summoners learn to conjure magic of their own, but they will never be as adept at it as a demon, who are naturally magical creatures. Demons allow themselves to be summoned by humans on condition that the humans assist them should the fae ever make another push to conquer the demon world. By summoning demons you’re automatically drafting yourself into any potential fae/demon war. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Unfernal: Not infernal. Humans and fae are unfernal.

Unforma: Elementally neutral magic.

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