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May I design my own ontos, agrilthean, cromnar, or rathameldhontel?

Yes; they're open species. See the TOU for more information.

How do you pronounce Murgatranthes?

Like 'burger van', 'trees'.

How do you pronounce Serick's full name?

Pretty much how it's spelled. Here it is split into syllables:
Hex-trel-af-tron-ite Ser-ick-te-ruft-rug Tor-gen-or-i-el. (hard g)

What does 'Clashcradyne' mean?

It doesn't mean anything, I just thought it sounded cool. (The -dyne suffix is a nod to SMT games, which are among my favourites and are a source of inspiration.) The word is an umbrella term for referring to all aspects of my main headworld and it doesn't actually exist in-universe.

What's the difference between an ontos and a pedre-ontos?

A retcon.

When I first created Murgatranthes, Silrathus et al, they had a different design and 'pedre-ontos' was their species name. An individual was an 'ontos'. In 2012 I changed their design and their terminology: the species name is now 'ontos', and it's the same in singular and plural. 'Pedre-ontos' is now the name of the ancestral species from which modern ontos evolved in-universe.

Why do you like demons so much?

Because they're not real and they can't get me.

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