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The Gallery of Hoorj

Here's where to find the pages of everyone who's contributed Clashcradyne art! If you're on this page and you want your link changed/removed, please contact me.

Handle On pages Site
Asterion-Blazing Murgatranthes (old) Rhandi Fisher
Beastly Art Melmarus, Murgatranthes, Phelmarith Tumblr page
BlinkpenMurgatranthes Tumblr page
CalypsolemonMurgatranthes, Phelmarith, Silrathus Tumblr page
CapreeSilrathus Tumblr page
Cibex Murgatranthes (old), Silrathus (old) Bestia Ex Machina
CubesonaMelmarus, Silrathus Tumblr page
Dark Hearts ClubAgrus Twitter page
D.ChestnutMurgatranthes FurAffinity page
Deranged LeechPhelmarith Carrd page
DisarrayMurgatranthes Twitter page
DogbomberVarin Tumblr page
DoirnMurgatranthes, Phelmarith, Varin Camp Howl
ECT MonsterMelmarus, Phelmarith Tumblr page
EskiworksMelmarus Tumblr page
Extra-VertebraeKalstaron Vertebral Art
Facerot Krog, Melmarus, Murgatranthes, Niemnus, Phelmarith, Serick, Varin FurAffinity page
FleetwoodBrakSilrathus Tumblr page
FPMelmarus, Murgatranthes, Phelmarith, Serick, Silrathus Tumblr page
GarvalsSilrathus (old) Behance page
GhostplatoonMurgatranthes, Silrathus Page unknown
GrossKellyMelmarus Carrd page
Hemo Krog, Murgatranthes, Phelmarith, Silrathus, Varin Tumblr page
IronfeathersMurgatranthes (old) Twitter page
KaijubrainsMelmarus Tumblr page
LoppiMurgatranthes Page unknown
MaeliceSilrathus (old) Twitter page
Miss MonsterSilrathus (old) Miss Monster
NathradasSilrathus (old) Oroboros
NeeedleMurgatranthes, Silrathus Page unknown
OdvunirSerick, Silrathus, Stelraktor Twitter page
PacMurgatranthes (old), Silrathus (old) Tacorat
Painted DeerMelmarus Painted Deer Design
PaperfangMurgatranthes FurAffinity page
PhylumVarin Twitter page
PraykeMelmarus Page unknown
ProjectENDOVarin Tumblr page
PukaoMurgatranthes pending
RaspberryMaggot Krog FurAffinity page
SahabbaPhelmarith, Varin Twitter page
SkepsisPhelmarith Page unknown
SlugSilrathus FurAffinity page (warning: NSFW as hell)
SpenceJemSerick, Silrathus Twitter page
ToulouseMurgatranthes, Phelmarith, Silrathus Twitter page
VermillionPhelmarith Twitter page
YolkMelmarus, Murgatranthes Tumblr page

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